Country risk modifications: MLT political risk

In a region dominated by autocrats, Kyrgyzstan is relatively democratic – which results in regular political instability fuelled by a […]

Country risk modifications – August 2016

In the framework of its regular review of short-term political risk classifications, Credendo Group has upgraded seventeen countries (Albania, Argentina, […]

Short-term political risk: upgrade from 4 to 3

Albania’s liquidity has further improved; the foreign exchange reserves now cover more than 5.5 months of imports while the short-term […]

Short-term political risk: upgrade from 5 to 4

Argentinian international reserves were under significant pressure until late 2015. Since then, laudable policy initiatives by the new administration of […]

Short-term political risk: upgrade from 6 to 5

Despite full dollarisation of the economy, the liquidity risk in Ecuador is relatively elevated. In fact, plummeting oil prices that […]

Short-term political risk: upgrade from 2 to 1

On the back of a declining euro exit risk, as evidenced by the exit from the EU/IMF 3-year bailout programme […]

Short-term political risk: upgrade from 6 to 5

Ghana seems to be gradually recovering from a crisis triggered by rapid fiscal deterioration, the commodity price collapse and disappointing […]

Short-term political risk: upgrade from 7 (off cover) to 6

Credendo Group decided to reopen restrictively for cover of short-term transactions on Liberia by upgrading the country’s short-term political risk […]

Short-term political risk: downgrade from 6 to 7 (off cover)

The IMF, international donors and the World Bank suspended their financial support to Mozambique after it was revealed in April […]

Boom to bust

With the unwinding of the commodity boom, the Brazilian economy started to slow down in 2011. More recently, a confidence crisis exposed the exhaustion of the consumption-led domestic growth model.