New ways, old problems

Since taking office in December 2015, the government of President Mauricio Macri has acted quickly to dismantle interventionist policies (scrapping the bulk of import and capital controls) and undo macroeconomic imbalances (setting ambitious targets to reduce inflation rates and fiscal deficits).

Fears for civil conflict grow as Kabila clings to power

Event Protests against delayed elections and President Kabila’s continuation in office beyond his December 2016 term limit are ongoing in […]

Membership application accepted by EU

Event In February 2016, Bosnia and Herzegovina officially submitted their application to join the EU. The EU accepted the membership […]

Peace process dealt huge blow by mistrusting voters

Event In a referendum held on Sunday 2 October, Colombian voters surprised pundits (polls had suggested a comfortable win for […]

United Russia party won majority of votes

Event President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party won the majority of the votes in the parliamentary elections. The elections were […]

Muslim Brotherhood reappears in parliament after ending a decade-long boycott

Event Last month, Jordan held its parliamentary election in which the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) participated, unlike in the 2010 and […]

RMB officially included in IMF’s SDR basket

Event As announced by the IMF at the end of last November, the Renminbi is now integrated into the SDR […]

Historical win for opposition in parliamentary elections

Event The opposition, the Seychelles Democratic Alliance (Linyon Demokratik Seselwa – LDS), has won the parliamentary elections for the first […]

Country risk modifications: MLT political risk

From an economic perspective Iran is doing very well. The relatively well-diversified economy has strong growth potential thanks to prudent […]

Lost in stagnation

Both economic and financial fundamentals have been gradually deteriorating following years of stagnation and protracted uncertainties.